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February 6, 2018
The tenth issue of the John Updike Review (6.1/Winter 2018) will appear this spring and includes essays by Quentin Miller, Peter J. Bailey, Donald J. Greiner, Alex Pitofsky, and the two writers who share the 4thAnnual JUR Emerging Writers Prize: Sean Madden and Gideon Nachman. This issue features John Updike’s short story, “Bech Noir,” along with four newly commissioned drawings by cartoonist Arnold Roth, who drew the original images of Bech that graced the jacket covers of the three Bech volumes published by Knopf. In addition, three responses to “Bech Noir” are offered by Julialicia Case, Gary Weissman, and James Schiff. Finally, Sue Norton reviews Michial Farmer’s book, Imagination and Idealism in John Updike’s Fiction.
The eleventh issue of the JUR (6.2/Summer 2018) is slated to appear in early fall of 2018. In the meantime, we continue to welcome and read submissions from writers and critics around the globe. We remain particularly interested in work from younger writers (under forty years of age), who would qualify for the annual JUR Emerging Writers Prize, which offers publication in the journal and a cash prize of $1,000.